Exporting draft with different styles

I’m working on a technical book that needs to be formatted very precisely. I’ve got chapter numbers, chapter names, prose, code listing, headers, subheaders, etc. I’ve set up script mode to easily allow me to specify those styles.

There’s one problem: it’s nearly impossible for me to read the text! For example, the prose has to be single-spaced Times New Roman 11pt font. Now I can zoom in a bunch of course, but ideally I could write in Arial 14pt, which is far more comfortable. Then when I export a draft, it automatically turns that section in to Times 11, per my publisher’s standards.

Hopefully that makes sense. Is it possible to do that? I’m exporting to a Word doc.

You can write in one font/size and export to another, yes. To set the font you export to, go to File -> Compile Draft and play with the information on the formatting tab.

However, from what you are describing, I assume you require lots of different fonts etc. to be used in different places (eg. monospace for the code, etc.)

If this is the case, you may need to look into Multimarkdown and/or LaTex to get your desired results.


You should be able to do what you want. A well-known and main feature of Scrivener is that you can export in a different font to the one you work in, so presumably you already know this. I expect your problem comes from the number of different formats you need to accommodate.

I’m not sure Script mode is the best way of accommodating these styles.

For your main prose sections - which will presumably be the bulk of your work - you should work in the font and format you like best for writing (set via Preferences - Text Options). In the Compile Draft sheet, under the Formatting tab, set the font and paragraph attributes to be changed to whatever you need upon print or export.

For chapter names, headers and subheaders you could include the titles of the sections themselves (set via the Content pane of Compile Draft) and format them as you wish via the Formatting pane of Compile Draft.

For prose and code listings you would have to use the font and formatting you require on export and turn on “Preserve Formatting” for those documents.

Another option is to continue using the script format you have set up, and then choose “Override text formatting” with “Font only” checked in Compile Draft, so that your formatting is preserved upon export or print but only the font gets changed.

You might want to take a look at the Novel or Short Story project templates to look at how chapter headings etc are handled there.