Exporting Drafts puzzles

I’m a new user.

Now that I’ve got a sizeable block of text written I’m trying out Export Draft into a Word document for a colleague.

The text contains some numbered lists built in Scrivener using the Text/Lists… dialogue. However when I use the Lists popup and choose “1.”, all the paragraphs are numbered. No matter what I do, the lists I created in Scrivener are numbered as “0.”. Same effect exporting to .doc or to .rtf formats.

I successfully changed the font for the body of the text. However the fields “Text Titles Font”, “Text Container Titles Font” and “Folder Titles Font” are confusing. When I click any of the Set Font… buttons they do nothing.

Yes, I figured out the Load and Save buttons for saving an export format. Nice feature.

Clicking “Set font” will bring up the font formatting palette if it is not already open. Then you can set the font for that element using that. Not sure what’s confusing about it… Maybe it’s just that you left the font palette open so it appears to do nothing because the palette was already there, previously operating on another element.

As for bulleted lists… Yeah, they play horribly with Word and others. Scrivener just uses the bulleted lists implemented by Apple in their text system (same as in TextEdit). They are pretty horrible, the same as the standard OS X implementation of tables. I do hope they update them all at some point…


I’m still puzzled by what’s meant by “Text Titles Font”, “Text Container Titles Font” and “Folder Titles Font”. What are these in reference to?

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Scrivener Help > Reference Guide > Exporting.

I spent a lot of time writing the Help file so that I wouldn’t have to repeat myself. :slight_smile:

Woops! My mistake. Mea culpa! Haven’t yet familiarized myself with the Help files. You’re absolutely right, they need to be digested.

Humbly backing away. :slight_smile: