Exporting enumerations to iBook Author


I compile my book for iBook Author using Format as: “iBook Author Chapters” and compile for: “iBook Author Chapters (.docx)”.

Then I create a new iBook Author document, and drag & drop the .docx files from Scrivener. Then I choose the section text format from the layout.

When I do this, everything works and looks nicely with one exception:

  1. Enumerated text from Scrivener looks completely scrambled in iBook Author.
  2. That’s the problem

Does anybody know a way around this?


Found a bad way that works:

  1. after compiling from Scrivener, load each .docx chapter (that contains an enumerated list) into libreoffice, make a small change, save again. (OpenOffice should work, too)
  2. drag the .docx into iBook Author as described in previous post
  3. Select each part that should be enumerated in iBook Author and select “enumerated list” for each of them.

I have many chapters with several enumerated lists in each chapter, so this is no fun. But at least I can publish once.

Is there a way that just works without that many manual corrections?