Exporting files - notes and meta-data

These two options are apparently crosswired.

I select files to export, I check Export Notes - it exports the meta-data. And when you select Export Meta-data - it exports the notes.

Also, when exporting the meta-data, should it also be exporting any custom meta-data? Because at the moment it doesn’t.

Finally, at the moment the Meta-data files produced are basically one long run-on sentence. Any chance of line breaks or something between the different fields to make the file more readable? Or perhaps tab or comma separated or something?

Thanks, we’ve noted the cross-wiring. Whoops.

Custom meta-data should be included in the export; I’ll ensure that’s also on the bug list. The line breaks we may be able to address, too. That’s a factor of the plain-text encoding and the program you’re viewing it in. Opening the file in Notepad will show it without breaks, but if you open it in WordPad, for example, you’ll see each set of meta-data on its own line.

Ah, okay - I thought that might’ve just been a Notepad thing but was too pressed for time to check.