Exporting footnotes, but always getting endnotes?

I hope this isn’t a repeat; I haven’t found it on the boards.

I need to compile my document with footnotes (where the footnote is on the same page as the selection).

I have tried compiling the document with footnotes selected (in word format, rtf, etc.) and all of my footnotes end up at the end of the document instead of the pages (endnotes).

Am I missing something?

Love Scrivener, thank you so much!

I realise this is akin to asking if your computer is plugged in, but in the second tab of the compile options dialogue, do you have footnotes set up to export as footnotes, or endnotes? There are two radio boxes below the checkbox that turns the whole system on.

If that is all set up correctly, what word processor are you using to load the RTF file? Not all of them work right.

I figured it out!

“Footnotes” was selected, but that wasn’t the problem (thanks for the reply, though!)

For future readers: I was exporting by “previewing” the document in PDF. Apparently, doing this makes all footnotes endnotes.

When going through the full export process, however, the footnotes do appear correctly.