Exporting from Linux to Windows


I’ve been using Scrivener for years and love it. My main writing laptop is running Ubuntu and I use Scrivener on that. I recently sent a Word file off to my editor and she claims it caused her copy of Word to crash.

The exact sequence is compile from Scrivener on Ubuntu to a custom .rtd file which has all the headings, chapters, etc. nicely formatted. Then open the .rtf file in LibreOffice and save it as a .docx file for Word. This used to be the point at which I sent the file out. But I have had other people (Windows users) complain that the file doesn’t open. So now, I do a further step and save it to Dropbox and then re-open it on a Win10/Word computer and make sure all is good.

Because of the recent problem, I compiled on Ubuntu, saved to Dropbox and opened the .rtf file on a Win10 machine using Word. But this file corrupted as well.

Given that my editor isn’t technical and I don’t want to hassle her too much about the precise details of the crash, is there anything that the compile could’ve put into the file that might’ve caused everything to go wrong?

Thanks in advance!


I’ve had something similar happen (compiling from Mac and crashing Word on Windows). In my case, I narrowed the cause down by binary searching the compile (e.g., selectively excluding files from the compile until I narrowed the cause down to the exact file(s), and then dividing the files until I narrowed it to the exact line of text). In the end I could see nothing that was special about that line, but when I changed it by adding a few spaces here and there, it eventually worked.

I suppose I should have filed a bug at that point, but I couldn’t produce a small enough test case to send in a bug report, and I didn’t want to send my entire document with proprietary information in it in a bug report.

Not saying that my solution is the best solution, but if your goal is to generate a file that your editor can use, give my binary-search technique a try.

Are you using Windows Scrivener or Linux Scrivener?

If you’re using Windows Scrivener, test to see if you can replicate the problem on a true Microsoft Windows system. If you can, post a bug report to the appropriate Windows forum.

If you’re using Linux Scrivener, I’m afraid you’re out of luck as that software is unsupported and no longer being developed. The most likely problem is that a change to either Word or Windows has rendered the Scrivener format converter obsolete.