Exporting from Scrivener to Mac "Word"-- file folderchapter

Help! How do I export from Scrivener one of my file folders,chapter or sub text to Mac Windows for a writing class to give feedback in Word “review” mode? Thank you in advance. This is extremely important to me and I have already tried.


There are a few ways of producing a subset of the full document. (I’m assuming here you know the basics of compiling documents using the File > Compile dialogue. If you don’t, just ask and we can give more details…)

E.g. you can exclude all but the document you want from compilation using the setting in each document’s Inspector. (Messy)

Or you could compile the document (File > Compile) and in the ‘All Options’ tab, select ‘Contents’ from the left hand list and deselect all the other documents. (Opt-Click to deselect everything then reselect your preferred document).

Or (my preferred solution), highlight the document you want in the binder, then compile as above, but in the ‘Contents’ section of ‘All Options’ use the drop down list (next to ‘Include Subdocuments’) to select ‘Current Selection’.




You have a second “calling” – lifesaver! Thank you! You saved the day, literally for this “beginner” in Scrivener. I love working with it and learning as I go, but every so often, emphasis on the "often"I do run into something that needs someone with experience – I run to the manual, but I have discovered the “Forum” to be my “best friend” when it comes to the rocks & stumps in my pathway. You’ve also saved me time, which for me at the moment is a precious commodity. Thanks again–very helpful.


No problem – glad it helped!