Exporting from Scrivener to Scapple to separate notes

Mac OS Monterey , Scapple 1.40.2

I frequently find myself in the situation where I have a list in Scrivener (or simply a series of texts, one per line) that I want to export to Scapple in the form of distinct notes, each note corresponding to one line.

For the moment, I drag and drop the list from Scrivener to Scapple. The result is one big scapple note containing the whole list, after which I have to place my cursor to the end of each line in that note and split the note into multiple “children”. The whole exercise is quite tedious if it’s done many times in the day.

I could not find the answer in the manual nor the forum. I tried exporting the Scrivener doc as opml

Is there a quicker alternative ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

If you drag a text file (.txt, .rtf, etc.) onto a Scapple board you’ll get a dialogue box for splitting by a marker (which can just be a double-return as it looks like your source is).

So the Scrivener part of the equation is to use File ▸ Export ▸ Files... on the item you want to bring over.

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Wow, Scapple keeps amazing me more and more for such a simple program and comes in as default note format.

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great ! thanks very much

@AmberV @GoalieDad

if any forum member uses keyboard maestro, I wrote this macro to convert the clipboard to split notes in Scapple via Yoink.

example: from text in Scrivener→ clipboard → split notes in scapple

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That’s a good idea! Thanks for posting it.

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one last comment and I shall leave you in peace.

It would be nice to see an “advanced” Scapple video by a master like you. I would very much like to see how you work, the various tips and tricks that you developed over the years. In many cases, there are many ways to achieve the same result and I am curious to see which ones you prefer to achieve an optimal workflow and speed.
thanks very much for considering it.

I agree, I would like to see other’s approach. I keep changing mine. Usually taking notes in from scapple to scrivener, but that script looks cool. I’ve done a lot of templates for characters, character arcs and locations, that I copy and use again and again and just made a save the cat scapple.

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sorry: I don’t understand.

You have me another idea: it would be nice to have a scapple template library with all kinds of examples of those you describe, decision trees etc

What do you mean by character arcs and locations ?

I would excel at a what NOT to do video !

This is a sample of a character template I use and update facts about character as I write and create them. Have a character arc template which allows me to make note of motivation for the chara


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how I understand: you mean literary characters. I though characters as in ±,ö etc
Your template look excellent. A big advantage is less time wasted in design and more time thinking about the actual end product.