Exporting images from research to use with presentation

Hi All,

I am new to scrivener. I am a teacher and use it to compose lessons and readers.

I made a project outlining a course about greek myths. I have a lot of image reference in mij research folder.

I want to make a prezi to support my classes, but don’t seem to find an easy way to get my ref. images out of scrivener. Export only supports text files. The only way I found is to open them in preview and save them there, a very inefficient workflow. Is there a way to acces the images directly.

I searched the forum, found a few posts on windows stating that I should open the project map in which there should be a “files” folder. Problem is that a scrivener project file on mac is just a closed file and not a folder.

Andre Hanegraaf

Hi Andre,

Export can support any file type. Just select the images in the binder and go to File > Export > Files… You will see an “Export text files as…” option for any file type you select, but that is there because you can select multiple files, and any file (including images) can have notes associated with them that might be selected for export. But Export > Files… will export images exactly as you want.

All the best,