Exporting/Importing a folder


I would like to export a folder from one project into a brand new project.

This folder has various scrivenings (if that’s what they are called) arranging in a hierarchy’ How do I export them in a way that respects this hierarchy and is imported into a new project perfectly? And where should I save the folder? In the Project/Files/Docs subfolder?

Thank you


Open your source project with the folder & files you want to copy. Then open/create the destination project. Arrange the windows so that you can see both binders, and drag the folders from the source projects binder to the destination project’s binder. This will make a copy; the source project will retain the originals.

There’s no way to keep files & folders arranged hierarchically on both export and import, since folders are just files with a special icon in Scrivener.

Okay, thank you very much :smiley: