Exporting/importing custom toolbar settings

I love the ability to customize the toolbar in Scriviner. Recently my custom toolbar reset. Which begged the question: is there any way to export one’s current toolbar settings and reimport them if necessary at a later date or perhaps on another machine. Much as how one can with general preferences through Scriviner > Preferences > Manage Settings > Save Settings to File. Thanks in advance for any guidance you might have!

This post may be helpful: Can't we save / load the Toolbar Settings? - #2 by AmberV


Thank you very much! I’m cautious about copying over preference files but this seems like the best shot. Much appreciated!

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While in rare cases it might cause problems, this is pretty safe to do, and copies over other pretty useful things too, like any custom keyboard shortcuts, and if your folder structure is the same you may find a lot of window size and position stuff stays where you left it too, as a lot of that kind of “state storage” happens thanks to the OS putting it there.

After all, consider that when you use the migrate function to bring your user folder over to a new system, or even copy the user folder yourself by hand from an external drive backup, that’s exactly what you’re doing: copying hundreds of plist files. Most of the time it will be fine. :slight_smile:

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Makes a lot of sense and is very helpful. Thank you!