Exporting / Importing issues Scrivener<-->Word

Hello everyone,

Apologies if there’s a fix somewhere on the forum but I couldn’t find it. For the past year or so, I have had issues with exporting and importing between Scrivener and Word.

When I export a document, comments show up inline (which I don’t want) and as margin comments. I can avoid that issue by compiling. Sometimes when I try to export, I get the spinning beachball and have to cancel entirely. One way to export effectively is to use the Compile function, but it gets annoying to have to uncheck every box, recheck boxes in the Compile menu, etc. The other way is to export to RTF (when export works!) and then open with Word.

When I import, if I either use the Import function in the menu or if I directly drag a Word doc file into Scrivener, the document shows up with no tab indentions for paragraphs, but a full line break between paragraphs. The only way that I can accurately import a document into Scrivener is to copy the contents of the Word doc and then paste them into a Scrivener doc.

I use Scrivener on two Macs, one with Mojave, one with Catalina (can’t upgrade either in near future for various reasons). The project is over 10 years old, historical monograph with lots of footnotes.

Thanks for any help you can provide – all of this used to work fine. I’ve been on a tight deadline and have just been doing the workarounds, but now I’d love to get it fixed.

What version of Scrivener do you have? And what options are configured in your Scrivener → Preferences → Sharing → Conversion pane?

Are you importing from DOC, or DOCX format?

As a general rule, we recommend the Compile command as the best method for getting work out of Scrivener, as it is significantly more flexible and configurable than the Export command. You can bypass box checking by choosing “Current Selection” from the Compile dropdown menu.

It takes one click to unclick everything (⌥click on a box that’s checked), then select what you want to compile and ⌥ click again, on one box in that group.