Exporting/importing settings?

Is there a way to export and import all scrivener settings (configuration) from one mac to another?

I work on two mac computers. I have found that it is easy to synchronize the projects between them. However, I would also like to export all settings and configurations (that do not synchronize with the projects) from my main computer to the one I use more seldom. Is there a way to export and import all scrivener settings?

If it matters, I bought Scrivener from the Mac App Store and have the latest version available there (2.4.1). Both macs are running Mac OS X 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion).

Yes, this is easy to do actually. In the Preferences window itself along the bottom-left you’ll find a “Manage” button. Click that and you’ll find options for saving out your settings to an external file, along with a matching command to import a settings file. I do this periodically to back up my settings, but it is also useful for transfer from one machine to another.

Thank you AmberV! Great!

Here is a related question:

(Adding the link for the benefit of other users who found only one of the threads when doing a search.)

I’ve looked at the other topic that deals with creating symbolic links. Actually for my purposes, simply being able to save a preset on one computer and have the other computer use it is fine, and the saving of presets seems to be all I would need.

However, I notice that the preset is saved in the application support folder. Can I specify where the saved preset is saved? I would save it to dropbox, then simply import it from dropbox on my other computer.

I’ve noticed a problem using the symbolic link (for me, anyway) that I’ve posted on that topic.