Exporting individual pages back into Microsoft Word

Each page of my book (poetry) is a separate page I imported from Word but I need to do some further editing on one page that can’t be done in Scrivener and I need to export it back to Word.

Is the only way to Compile and de-select every other page in my book, compiling to a *.docx file? Or is there an easier way? Thanks all.

If you just want to export a single document using the formatting that you see in the editor, you can select that document in the binder then use File > Export > Files… and specify “Microsoft Word (.docx)” as the export format. If you want to override the formatting with compile settings, then you will need to compile your output.

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Thank you Astrid - your help is much appreciated!
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It’s strange that the modifications I do to the file that involve graphics are not imported when I re-import the document to Scrivener. Is that normal or is there some setting I’m not activating?

It should be mentioned that if Scrivener can’t do the types of edits you are referring to, it may not be able to display them either. That isn’t a universal rule of course, but for example if add column layout in Word and then import the .docx file, it will be dropped. I’m not sure what you are using to edit the graphics—are they just normal graphics files, or something like “Word Art”? A more portable approach would be to convert these into a standard graphic format in Word before attempting to import.

I was merely adding a rectangular box around the title with a fill. I should note that I was able to import it in just fine as a PDF page into the folder it is in (Front Material folder) but I cannot ever import jpgs or pdfs directly into my books folder (it is in the Binder).

Well no, you would put the graphic into the text document were it should appear, rather than floating loose in the outline. Scrivener wouldn’t know how to handle it otherwise, in terms of how the image should be displayed with the text.

On the original topic, that kind of sounds like a text box, which Scrivener has no support for. It could also be a background and border based on stylesheet settings in Word. That is in fact how I would approach the problem, but only after I’ve done a final compile. I would select all of the titles at once in Word, using the “similar formatting” tool and then apply a style to the bulk selection where the style had the background fill and border as well as any other formatting you wish. Once you’ve done that you can edit the stylesheet centrally to impact all titles at once. Naturally, that would be something you’d probably want to defer until the end of the process though. It would be a pain to do that every time you compiled.

Yes, about the pictures (and pdf) that were separate pages in the Front Material folder…they weren’t included in the compile. The problem is when I drag pictures (that have no text) onto blank pages they aren’t full bleed as I need. (Is there a way to have them full bleed or no restriction to the resize that would allow me to have it fill the entire page?)

Re: the original topic, it’s not a text box but a rectangular filled object that I’m using in a unique place to frame words:

I’ll upload the page: ACJ Title Page.pdf (68.3 KB)

I can’t think of a way to do that. Scrivener applies a universal margin to everything, based on your Page Settings compile pane. You can “escape” that on the right by dragging the right indent marker outside of the margin dimensions, but not on the left (never mind the top and bottom). Something like what you’re looking for is going to be difficult to do without a page layout engine.

But, that’s what programs like Word are for. :slight_smile:

I’ll try using a pdf editing programme to insert the “special” pages into the final compiled file I guess… thanks again.

I was thinking more along the lines of adding the title page in with Word and making the PDF from there, but that should work too, and in fact might even be more efficient if the rest of the output from Scrivener is fine.

Yes, I feel so embarrassed. I was so Scrivener-stressed (patent pending catchphrase alert) that I forgot that I could just print the page to PDF and simply insert it using Preview. :unamused: