Exporting Internal (Link to Document) Scrivener Links

I’ve been using the Scrivener “Link to Document” function to build links between my documents.

Is there any way to export this information?

Or, using wiki style link, to export all links as a plaintext [[link]]

I am also very interested in this feature.

Ideally I can just type [[ and the name of an existing document and it’ll create a link if it exists. If it doesn’t exist, nothing. In the future a list of documents in my project would populate as I type.

I assume Scriviner wasn’t designed to do this in the first place, so I’m sure it’s not easy. But anything to streamline the current “Create New Link” flow (so that I don’t have to use the mouse to select the page) would be amazing. Thank you :slight_smile:

Wiki-style links are supported. See Section 10.1 in the Scrivener 3 manual.

Output formats that support internal links generally can preserve them in the output document, and you can use the same mechanism to make plain text cross references.


Thanks for the reply Katherine. Yes, there is a way to make the links, I was mainly referring to the workflow and wondering if it could be made a bit easier.

Currently I push the keyboard shortcut, then must switch to my mouse to change tabs, then expand the menu dropdowns and hunt for the document I’m trying to link to. It would be nice if I could start typing and a list of the documents in my project would appear instead. I heard that something like this was being considered previously… not sure if it’s still a feature being worked on.

Again, please see Section 10.1 in the manual.

If link detection is enabled, typing [[document name]] will link to it if it exists, and if not will give you the option to either create it or link to an existing document.


If you know the first word of the document, try typing double open square brackets, then the first few letters, then the short cut to ‘Edit > Completions > Complete Document title’ (I’m not at the Mac and can’t remember it off hand). You should get a list of the documents beginning with that name which you can choose either by more typing until it is unique or by the arrow keys.

(On the Windows Beta the shortcut is Alt-+).


Hi Katherine and brookter,

Thanks again for the help. Unfortunately I’m still a bit confused, and I realize that might be because I’m in the Windows Beta and not on the Mac version. Apologies for writing in the incorrect forum.

If link detection is enabled, typing [[document name]] will link to it

I was looking for the “link detection” option, but was unable to find it by searching in the manual or by going through the options in Scriviner. Also the manual I have (Revision 3.1.4) does not contain the “[[” shortcut, at least in Section 10.1

brookter, I did get your Alt + “+” shortcut working on the Windows Beta. I see the documents populating, this is exactly what I was looking for! However, as you can see in the attached image, when I close with double brackets, it is not converted to a link. I wonder if that’s due to the “link detection” option?

Thanks to both of you again for pointing me in the right direction :slight_smile:

The only settings I can find on Windows are on the Corrections panel – the main one is to auto-complete the title. On the Mac, the [[ ]] setting is on the same panel, though it’s slightly differently arranged.

Testing, I’ve just noticed that you’re right, it doesn’t automatically turn it into a link – I could have sworn it did… but it looks like it’s just using the standard auto-complete title mechanism above.

At the moment the basic ‘navigate through the links dialogue’ or ‘through the context menu’ are the only ways: I imagine the shortcut approach and wiki links will be on the roadmap for a future release while they concentrate on getting the beta out of the door.

Sorry if I gave you false hope!

Thanks again for the kind replies, if it’s already in the Mac application, I’m sure it’ll be in a future Windows release. Thanks!

And to iiiii, I realized this late, but I apologize for hijacking your topic. Is anyone aware of any way to export a list of already created Scrivener links?

Haha, no worries!

I’ve turned on wiki formatted links, so when I type [[page]] t automatically links and becomes page.

But then when I export as plain text or rich text, it exports as page rather than [[page]].

So the two square brackets are missing in the plain text export.

Is there any way to have it export the brackets?

Unless you’re compiling to RTF, you’ll need to be sure that you have set the export converter to “Microsoft Office” for whichever format you’re using, in the Import/Export section of Tools > Options. This should have been the default, given that you have 2010 and 2013 installed, but double-check to make sure it is set that way. You’ll need to click “Export Converters” in that option pane, then select the file format from the left drop-down menu and then the “Microsoft Office” option from the right.