exporting into a folder

When I export a file from the binder (menu File/Export Files…), a message says:
“Please enter the name of the folder which will be created to hold the files.”
OK. I give a name and my selected file(s) is (are) put into that folder.
But if later I want to put other files into the same folder, it seems to be impossible, as I have to create another one… or delete the first with all its content.
Am I wrong?

102 bravissimi for V1.02 ! (to show my delight I found it was better to multiply by hundred than to use one clap and… two fingers for the decimal portion. Of course there is no problem to multiply by a billion.)

You are right. It’s not perfect, but it is the most workable solution for exporting multiple files.
Thanks for your kind comments about 1.02. :slight_smile: