Exporting Keywords

Hello, I don’t know if my wish exists already but I did a forum search for it and found nothing so I decided to post here. I would love to be able to transfer or export my keywords between Scrivener projects. That’s it, thanks again for the best writing program I’ve ever used, and here’s to 2.0!


There isn’t a good way to do this yet, but a better method has been proposed and will be available in 2.0. Cheers to that.

As of right now, you have to drag them all one-by-one from one HUD to the other. Dragging entire lists will produce a comma separated list of all your keywords into one “keyword” in the target project. You could also dump all of your keywords in a document and then drag that document over to the target project. Dragging between project retains keyword lists. But unfortunately that action does not populate the HUD, and you are stuck with the same problem of dragging them one at a time into the HUD.

Exporting is no problem. Just drag everything out to a text view anywhere and you’ll get a comma formatted list. The main problem with the current version of Scrivener is that the inverse is not true.

Also, if you have a set of keywords that you will always use for particular kinds of projects, remember you can set up a project template for that sort of thing.
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Good point. This is the best way to get your custom labels and status in new projects, too.