Exporting manuscript

How can I export a scrivener manuscript the best way to edit it further in Pages? I have many chapters and would like to have one document, not a document for every chapter.

Also I have some pictures and footnotes in the manuscript.

You need to be compiling, not exporting. This is a principle feature of the program. You’ll find it introduced in the interactive tutorial (help menu); Part III, Step 17. This goes over the basics and would probably be enough for you to get going in Pages—however on that note you will want to read §23.3.2 (pg. 311) of the user manual (also in the help menu), which covers a few unique issues with Pages that requires some traversal to get from A to Z with footnotes and figures.

Or you can download the current public beta:


Which has improved compile converters that can produce a .docx file directly which works great in Pages.