Exporting / Merging Documents in One Step?

Dear friends

I have a number of documents within a .scriv file that I wish to export.

I know how to export them, but I would like the exported files to be one, single, merged document. However, I would like the source documents within the .scriv file to remain seperate.

I tried merging the docs, and then exporting them. This achieves the first goal, but the ‘merging’ doesn’t appear to be undoable, so I’m left with the source docs merged also.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

Have you tried “Export Draft” instead of “Export Files”?

Export draft will allow you to export all the files in your draft as a single document. You can also choose a particular subfolder to export, and check and uncheck individual scrivenings.

Export files is for exporting individual files and does not roll them together into a single document.

If you are trying to export files outside of the draft folder, however, then you can’t “export draft”.

Hope this helps…

Indeed - the whole purpose of Scrivener is, in fact, to be able to export as a single document that which exists as separate documents in Scrivener. :slight_smile: I would highly recommend going through the tutorial that comes with Scrivener. Export Draft is the answer, as janra mentions.


Excellent, many thanks for your replies.

I have been through the tutorial, but hadn’t picked up on this function.

I’ll give it a go right away.