Exporting meta-data - where is word count?

Basically, I’m looking for a way to export all my draft and get a file that shows just the titles and meta-data for me chapters.

So far, so good. But i need help - I don’t know where to go to set preferences for what meta data is exported. I’d like to see just title, synopsis and word count.

Then I’d get a nice little rtf file I can easily import into word (or even excel!) where I can add up all my word counts, etc.

Can I do this?

(Of course, I want to turn off created and modified, too)

As far as totalling the word counts goes: Perhaps it is well to observe that all your little word counts are already added up for you within Scriv, namely under View>Statistics>Project Statistics.

So, that helps with one part.

There is no way to export the individual word counts - only the word count of the draft as a whole (by inserting “<$wc>” into the text somewhere).