Exporting or "printing" JUST an outline

I do my outlining in Scrivener, but the actual writing in another program. I would like to be able to export or ‘print’ just the information in the outline folders, so that I don’t need to have Scriv open while I write. I’ve tried opening all the outline folders and using Print Current Document (and then choosing print to pdf, which isn’t my preferred file type, but that’s a different issue). What I get is all the folder headings in the Binder as Headings and all their content printed and then the content in the outline folders I have ‘opened’ all printed out.

This is much more than I want - I don’t want or need any of the other folders from the Binder, just the actual document I have open.

Thanks for any help or insight.

Here’s a screenshot of what my Scriv looks like when I try to Print Current Document.

Have you already tried via “Compile” option in the File menu?

This previous thread on the matter may be of further assistance.