Exporting or Saving to .doc???

I’m a newbie with the Scrivener. I see that it has built in ability to create Kindle formatted ebooks.

Smashwords is another site that I intend to upload to. They distribute to several sites, including Apple, B & N, Sony. I was going to use them for all other sites except Kindle, which I will do myself.

So I’ve laboriously studied their formatting guide, so that I can upload and get into their Premium Catalog. You see, they do not accept pre formatted mobi or epub. They require that their own advanced software does the conversion, which converts into multiple formats.

So then, the question is: would I be able to output a .doc document, that is hopefully fairly clean of other formatting, so that I could then format it for Smashwords???

Or, are their other answers to this issue with Smashwords, that Scrivener has already covered?


Yes, Scrivener can export to multiple formats, including .rtf and .doc, and even .docx if you have Word 2007 or higher installed and enable the MS Word converters in the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options. You can save different compile presets as well, so it will be easy to switch between the different formatting you need for the ebook versions and the word processor versions.

I don’t know if this will make a difference for Smashwords–I’ve never heard anyone have a problem with it–but Scrivener’s .doc export is essentially an RTF file in a .doc wrapper, for convenience in opening with the correct word processor. You can use Save As within Word to save as a true .doc file if Smashwords has trouble with the format, although again I’ve never heard a report on that so I doubt it’s a problem, as we have plenty of users working with that service.