Exporting Outliner

I’m working on a long script and I’d like to export the Outliner. But not ALL the outliner. Because it’s a working document and to make the reading clear for the Director I work with, I’d like to hide a few parts. Not exporting sub documents for example.
Is it possible ?

Do you want individual files, or a single file?

If you want a single file, your best bet would be the Compile feature, which lets you control exactly which documents and which elements of those documents are included.

If you want multiple files, the Export command will export the specific documents selected in the Binder, and allows you to choose whether or not to include subdocuments, metadata, and so forth.


I don’t understand. How can I export the outliner from the Compile menu ?
And from the menu Export > Files ?

PS : I mean, I don’t want to export files but synopsis from the outliner.

The outliner is just a different view of the project. Each item in the Binder has a title, a synopsis, and associated text. The standard editor view shows primarily the body text, the Corkboard emphasizes the synopses, and the outliner emphasizes the titles (and optionally the synopses), but they are all showing the same underlying data.

The mechanisms for getting your data out of Scrivener – Export and Compile – allow you to choose different elements depending on what you want to do with the resulting file. So, for example, the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane lets you extract any combination of title, synopsis, text, and/or document notes.

Based on your description, I suspect that the “Synopsis Outline” compile preset will come close to what you want. Choose it from the “Format As:” dropdown menu, make sure the files you want are selected in the File -> Compile -> Contents pane, and choose the appropriate output format from the “Compile For:” dropdown menu at the bottom.

When you get a chance, you also might want to have a look at Step 17 of our interactive tutorial, and Chapter 24 of the Scrivener manual. Both deal with the Compile function. It’s worth getting to know it a little better: it’s very powerful, but can be confusing because it’s nothing like what most word processors do.


Thanks Katherine for your answer,
Great, I didn’t know we could do that and where was the option!