Exporting personal word list?

I have Scrivener on my two computers. is it possible to export a “Personal Word List” on one computer with the other? I don’t want to have to spell check all of the same words twice. Thanks!

The word list is stored as a text file, so yes you can copy this to another computer easily. The file is located in your AppData/Local/Scrivener/Scrivener folder, as ‘wordlists.ini’. Just place that file in the same place on the second computer. AppData is hidden by default, so if you don’t know how to get there it is easiest to just go to the Win7 Start Menu, type in “%APPDATA%” into the search file and press Return. That will take you to the Roaming sub-folder, so go back up one level with Alt-UpArrow, and you should see the Local folder from there.


I searched and searched Google for this info and could not find it. (I have an extensive word list, and a new installation.) Thank you!