Exporting projects as scrivener 2 troubles

Hi everyone,

I generally use scrivener on mac, however, my macbook has recently died and the laptops I will use for the next few months will be windows.

I downloaded scrivener for windows, and exported the files from my mac as scrivener 2 projects. However, they will not open on windows, and I get a message saying that they arefor a newer version of scrivener and that I need to update it. I even tried opening a file that I never converted to Scrivener 3 on my mac,and it still would notopen in windows.

The files will open on the latest scirvener 3 windows beta, but I’m concerned about continuing to use a beta. How can I properly convert my mac scriv 3 files to open on windows?

When you export a Scrivener 3 project as a Scrivener 2 project, note that this creates a new copy of your project in that format. It doesn’t reformat the current project file. So be sure that you’ve transferred the correct project to your PC.

If that’s not the problem - did you by chance open the projects in the Scrivener 3 for Windows beta before opening them in Scrivener 1 for Windows? Doing this would convert the projects back to the Scrivener 3 file format.

I’m fairly sure I didn’t do either of these things. I even tried opening a project I’d created my mac and never converted to a scrivener 3 file on the PC and it will not work.

Have you confirmed that your copy of Scrivener on Windows is up to date? It should be version 1.9.16. If it is an earlier version downloaded some time ago, it may not be able to read the updated 2.x format that the Mac version is created.