Exporting "Research" Documents

I don’t know why I can’t seem to find where to do this, or what but I’m trying to find a way to export and/or compile the text documents in my Research folder.

Easiest way is to this is to drag/move them into the draft folder and then do a normal compile. Ctrl click all the files want to move to select them and then Ctrl + arrow keys to the draft folder.

If you have already got a manuscript in the draft folder I would suggest creating a new folder and moving the manuscript into it using the process above. That way you can quickly swap what files you wish to compile.

If you want to export PDFs and other files that cannot be compiled use the File > Export function.

Hope that helps.


The Research folder is special in that it is allowed to contain many kinds of file types – things that you might want to gather together and have at the ready for work on a project but which could not be compiled. These include pdfs and webpage archives and images-not-embedded-in-a-document. (Version 2 expands that list enormously.) For this reason, the Compile function does not show the Research folder on the list of things you can target for compiling.

However, you can compile directly from the Research folder (in vers 2.0), if you first select in the Binder all of the research text docs you want to compile. Choose Compile, and in the Contents panel, choose Current Selection on the pop-up menu there.

Or, you could move the docs in question (at least temporarily) to the Draft folder or create a stand-alone folder in the Binder (that is neither under the Draft folder or the Research folder) and compile that.


P.S. By the way, you can also Export your text docs from the Research folder (File>Export>Files…) and this would produce a folder on your hard drive containing separate RTFD docs for each doc you chose to export. But I am guessing that you are probably wanting to Compile, not Export. (I think Export is primarily Keith’s way of enabling you to commit your work to Scrivener without locking your stuff into Scrivener, i.e., it gives you an exit strategy. It also gives you a way to store a copy of a finished project in an accessible and standard file format–just for safekeeping.)

Thanks so much! That clears up a lot. All of mine are text documents right now, and I just wanted to be able to have them saved in another format for backups and such in case of emergencies, or if my trial/beta run is over and I have a period in between the time that it reaches the end and when I purchase my copy. I don’t want to be without my novel’s info for days/weeks at a time. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I just now noticed you are working with the Windows beta and I was answering the question from the Mac side of things. The conceptual point should hold good, even if there is some difference in the particulars.