Exporting Scapple to PDF & Printing Scapple

I’d like to ask for help with two issues:
(1) When I export a Scapple project to PDF, the Scapple notes are quite small. [The Scapple project exports as a one-page PDF no matter how many notes are in the project.] If the Scapple project has many notes, the notes in the PDF are so small that they are unreadable. What’s the solution?
(2) When I print a Scapple project, some notes end up getting printed on two separate pages (one part of the note is on one page and the rest is on another page). This happens even when the notes are positioned inside the page guides of the Scapple project. What’s the solution?
I watched the video “Scapple: An Introduction” and went through the User Manual, but couldn’t find the solution.
Thanks in advance for your help.
Scapple 1.3.1
macOS High Sierra 10.13.5

  1. For this it would depend on what you are looking to do with the PDF. The design intention here is to create a scalable image of the Scapple board—by that I mean no matter how far you zoom in on the image, it will always remain crisp. This can be useful when integrating a board with other content on a page, etc. It’s also a good backup method—you need only zoom in on the PDF to see the notes better, at the scale you made them.

But of course if you’re looking for something arranged more like a document with normal sized notes, printing might be better. Remember you can save a PDF from the standard Mac print dialogue with the “PDF” button in the lower left corner.

  1. And toward that solution, you will the View ▸ Page Guides option of use in keeping pages organised so that stuff isn’t half off of them. The guides show the margin area you can work within, not the full paper size.

Hi AmberV,
Your reply solved both issues.
Many thanks!