exporting screenplay to Final Draft


I just exported two screenplays to Final Draft and the page counts ended up at 155 and 175 pages (!) respectively. I’m only getting just over 40 lines per page instead of just over 50. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong on Scrivener or FD, but I never use FD so I’m asking here.

I went to Compile, and then checked Screenplay and Final Draft for the two options. Then when I opened the .fdx file in FD, I just printed it.


I seem to recall that FD respects preset script formats in files compiled in Scrivener, but ignores any page settings. So you need to set up the page settings you want when the file is in FD.

To avoid having to make detailed changes to the page set-up each time you compile your script, when you have got it how you want in FD, you can save the page set-up as an FD template, and then apply the template after you load the compiled Scrivener file.

ps I’ve posted some work-rounds and tips for exporting to FD - you could find them by searching my username for ‘final draft’.

Thank you. I searched your username for Final Draft and couldn’t find the thread you’re referencing. Could you link me to it?

Here is a list of my posts with the words ‘final’ and ‘draft’.

This one looks relevant:

And this:

There are others.

Thank you.

I misread your post. I thought you had made a single post to include a bunch of tips. I’ll look through those.