exporting scrivener docs with styles

I’m new to Scrivener and trying to figure out a way to export documents so that when I import them into a word processor I end up with blocks of text pre-marked or labeled with styles. I realize there is no way in Scrivener to apply styles the way they are applied in programs like Mellel or Word–i.e. so that they are tagged/named and you can simply change the style and have all instances of that style updated.

Is there a workaround or way to accomplish this while I’m writing/creating documents in Scrivener (e.g. color the text, underline, tag it??) so that later when I export them from Scriv and mport them into Word or Mellel the styles can be automatically created. I’m not sure I’m expressing this clearly but I hope some of you will understand what it is I want to do and can suggest some ideas. I don’t want to have to go through long documents in Mellel or Word and create styles and apply them over and over to my blocks of text from my Srcrivener exports.

I’ve looked through the forum and seen some discussions of this issue but haven’t found any solutions yet. If you can point me to discussions of this issue or better to solutions, I’d be most grateful.


rob crutcher

You might look at Word’s autoformat options. I haven’t used autoformat much, but I think Word can look a document’s existing character formats and create styles to match them. It might even be able to match RTF text styles with an existing template, but, again, I haven’t tried it.



I have achieved what I think you are asking about using Nisus Writer Pro. I have written about it in the forum other folks software in a thread about which WP to use.

Anyway the short answer is that I think that NWP allows the global selection of text that has common attributes such as the same ruler. Once selected it is easy to apply a WP style to the text. I just fiddled with the menus and managed to get a certain block of text selected throughout my 75 page document.

I tried to do the same using Mellel but did not get anywhere.

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Simon K

The command you are looking for is in the File menu: “Replace styles.” The left side is a style browser which shows all current character styles (switch to paragraph to see ruler based adjustments and so forth).


Thanks for the information. I have attempted to process the file but Mellel provides a list of 10 styles all with long text descriptions. Unfortunately it is not possible to identify which is the style that I need to edit.