Exporting single manuscript parts from Scrivener IOS

I am sure this question has been placed before, but couldn’t find anything relating to this at a first glance. I would like to export single chapters of my manuscript to MS Word format from my iPad. I just can’t find where my compile settings are. I would like to just export one or two chapters, not the whole manuscript. Looking forward to hearing from you, kind regards,

Piero Mattirolo

In the binder on your iPad, if you slide to the left on the chapter you are wishing to compile, click “more”, and it should be the sixth item down. Tap “compile contents” and it will bring up the compile options screen and it will compile only that chapter.

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Thanks. You’re right and I have found this pretty well hidden possibility. However, in this way I still don’t seem to be able to compile the content of a single folder, just one file at a time. There seems to be some customisable compiling function, but I can’t see where these settings are. It looks like the settings made via computer override any other setting.