Exporting "styles" created in MAC OS version to IOS

Yes, I realize that “styles” in Scrivener for Mac OS are really just formatting presets held within each project and unlike other word processing programs cannot be globally changed or applied. Fine.
My problem is that when synching my project with Scrivener for IOS when I go to “styles” I’m only given the choice of Scrivener’s default presets. Is there something I’m not doing in the synching of the project that doesn’t allow me to see the custom “styles” created in the Mac OS version in my IOS version?
I’m currently reviewing a draft to send to my editor and would love to send a cleaner-looking consistent manuscript – and do the review on my IPad.
Otherwise – great accomplishment folks.

Thanks! :slight_smile: If you go into the Tutorial project, under “The Editor”, and search for “Formatting Presets/Styles”, you’ll find instructions on how to do this.

Thanks. As usual. I figured it out 10 minutes after I posted the question. Need to go on the Mac, format styles and export.
What a bargain. $20 got the program and now another 1200 for the iPad Pro. :slight_smile:

How interesting. Scrivener iOS drove the purchase of an iPad Pro 9.7 for me. Keith should get a kick back on hardware sales from Apple. :smiley:


Should I put the presets.plist file in my ‘Scrivener Projects’ folder on Dropbox, which is the one I’m using for syncing purposes?

Many thanks!


I put my styles file in the Scrivener folder, but it seems as though it can be anywhere in Dropbox, and you go into Dropbox to tell it to load it into Scrivener. I found that exporting styles works nicely, though it does mean that careful preparation on the Mac is useful before doing a major project in Scrivener for iOS. Eventually, I may have a series of different styles exported, each with a different filename, and then I can switch Scrivener for iOS back and forth between different ones. At least, it looks as though it could be used like that.

Something I find potentially useful is to have two versions of each paragraph style. In one, I include every feature, but the other contains merely paragraph formatting. That way, if I have a paragraph in which some phrases are in italics, or there is some bold, or other text formatting, I can apply change spacing and indents without losing all of this. Other times, I want to apply the font too. Obvious really, but I had not thought of this before.

Many thanks, Roger! That’s just what I needed to know.

At the moment I’d just like to import my very simple ‘working’ style into Scriv for iOS, but that’s a good point about 2 versions of a style. Might implement that myself in future.

I’m really just starting to learn the power of Scrivener, after a few ‘attempts’ at it over the years. The iOS version is the turning point for me, and hopefully, I can stick with it in future and really get the best from both desktop and ipad versions. :smiley:

One quirk with importing styles - move your fonts over first


Does this still apply if you already have the font in your style in Sciv for iOS?


All a preset/style may do is request a font, if the font is missing then the editor default (Helvetica in the case of iOS) will be used. It is no different than the file itself, the font isn’t “in” the file, it merely requests the font be used to display itself if possible.