Exporting styles to MS Word?

I was hoping that Scrivener 3, with its nice new style system, would finally be able to send style names to MS Word. This does not seem to be the case. Am I right, or have I missed something in the compile settings?

Scrivener styles should carry through to your output document. What format are you outputting to?

Do note that the default for Scrivener body text is “No Style,” not “Normal” or “Body Text” as it is in Word.


Style names should indeed export to Word. I just double-checked and it worked for me…

I am starting to find all the nooks and crannies with formatting and style definitions, and I can output my newly designed paragraph style to Word, but it doesn’t display in Word as “Paragraph” style. It has the style characteristics, but has no style name assigned. Same with headings. This suggests to me that once I export to Word I have to go and assign styles again to my manuscript (if I want to work with styles in Word, which I do).

Thanks KB, obviously I have missed something then. As long as the feature is there, I will ferret it out. Cheers and well done.

If you create your own styles, then you’ll have to create a custom compile preset, import your styles to the compile settings, and set it up so that all the styles are exported during compile. I don’t think there’s a way to automatically export new custom styles without customizing compile as well.

That’s exactly what I want to do. Could you explain in more details how to do it.

It’s kind of in-depth, but take a look at section 24.5 of the manual. You may need to read up on how to copy an existing compile preset, and then create a copy of the compile preset you’ve been using to start. See 23.2.3 “Creating a New Format” to get you started with that.

I know it may seem intimidating, but I managed to stumble through it without a manual during the Beta. There are also videos that might give you just enough to go on at the “learn & support” link in the upper right corner of this forum page. I find it easier to search for Literature & Latte on Youtube to find specific videos, but watching them in sequence from Learn & Support can’t hurt… you’ll definitely learn a thing or two in the process!

I would love to know how to do this. I’m sharing the output and need to create a new TOC in Word Each time. I have followed the instructions here but compile is still sending my headings out as “normal + font/size” NOT as heading 1,2, 3. I can’t go through the document each time - it’s 300 pages! How to I get HEADER styles to export to MSWord? It’s really not clear from the manual how to do this. One of the big challenges also is that when referring to the various panes in the software - there’s almost never any instructions on how to access the panes!

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I’ve been able to get the style to come across, but can’t figure out how to get Scrivener to translate my Scrivener headings into Word headings, thus creating the automatic TOC groupings.

However, I was able to figure out a workaround process after the compile to quickly set those Chapter headings as Heading 1 types in Word. Here’s the article explaining how to do it: https://bit.ly/lm20210611

Hopefully you can use this to streamline your process until someone shows us a better way.