Exporting text with footnotes to Microsoft Word 2004 or 2008

How can I export text to Microsoft Word and get Word to automatically recognize the footnoted text as footnotes? So far, when I export text (either as RTF or as Doc files) the footnote text appears in Word within the document text surrounded by footnote markers (eg: <<KMB_FN_TAG2>>). Is there a way to automatically have the footnotes appear in the footnote section of Word?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Hans

Strange… You shouldn’t see that tag. That tag is something Scrivener uses internally to mark out footnotes before the tags get replaced with the correct RTF code so that Word sees them as footnotes. If you are seeing that tag, then it means that something has gone wrong with the export and Scrivener has had to abandon fixing up the RTF for footnotes. Could you please send an example project that exhibits this behaviour, along with instructions on which files to export/how to reproduce/see this problem, to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com? If I can see the problem project/files for myself, I should be able to see what is going wrong and either fix it in Scrivener or find a way for it to work for you (or both).
Thanks and all the best,

Thanks for looking into this Keith. I just e-mailed you a sample project.

Have a nice weekend and keep up the great work,