Exporting to 7-bit ASCII

What’s the best way of getting ASCII text out of Scrivener? I mean real 7-bit ASCII, not UTF-8!

I like being able to get “smart quotes”, dashes and ellipsis in my writing, which is something that TextEdit doesn’t seem to do, as near as I can tell. However, I also need to post my stuff to a writers group on a MUCK which only accepts 7-bit ASCII. (This has caused headaches for several people when they cut-and-paste text, but their quote marks vanish into the bit bucket!)

I’m aware that Mac OS X has a shell command that can convert UTF-8 to ASCII, but it’s pretty obscure and awkward to use. It would be cool if somebody could make a script to turn this into a simple drag-and-drop process. . . .


For a start, make sure you select “Convert smart quotes to straight quotes”, and the equivalent for hyphens and ellipses, when you compile to plain text. Then open up the exported .txt file in TextEdit or a similar dedicated text editor and use Save As. TextEdit has a massive list of encodings that can be used for saving - it supports every encoding supported by the OS X text system - so that is probably the best way of doing what you want.

Hope that helps.
All the best,

Oh, thanks much! I had overlooked that option, it seems like just what I need. :smiley: