Exporting to .doc (97-2004) results in out of order comments

Scrivener Version 2.7.1 (26120) used on Mac OSX 10.9.5

I’m experiencing a bug when exporting to .doc format. Depending on the software version used to view the .doc file, the comments associated with the text appear to have been offset by minus one. For example, comment #1 would actually have comment #2 associated with it, comment #2 would have comment #3 associated with it, and so on.

It appears to make a difference as to which software is used to view the .doc file. Open Office 4.1.2 has no problem, but Word 2013 and Apple Pages 5.0 (1465) experience the problem.

This bug has appeared recently. I updated to the above version about a month ago and had not previously encountered this problem. I don’t know the precise version I had before, but I downloaded it sometime in 2015.

I am not seeing anything like that in a few quick tests, so it must require some additional ingredients. I suggest using a blank starter project to help isolate conditions such as existing formatting in the text (try with examples typed in from scratch as opposed to copy and paste, first), individual compile settings, and so forth. If you can’t figure out what it takes to trigger the bug, you could send the project in, or as much of it as is required to demonstrate the problem, to our support address.