Exporting to .docx microsoft word.

First off, let me say that I absolutely stink at exporting. I’ve not figured it out at all and everytime I do it, it takes multiple compile/export to get it how I want it. There are many things I love about Scrivener, but there are things I like on Microsoft Word as well and that’s what I use once I’ve written a complete novel on scrivener. I have the file exported and ALMOST exactly like I want it. At the beginning of each chapter, there is a larger than text capital I looking thing. It isn’t an I cause I can’t remove it. But I can’t figure out what it is or how to change the compile settings to remove it during export. I’m hoping I can upload a screenshot where you all can see what I’m talking about. Any held is appreciated. BTW, if there are video’s or easy instructions out there somewhere that will help learn how to export from Scriv to Word, can you maybe share the link? I’d appreciate it. I in export.JPG In the photo, you’ll see first paragraph indent. Right before the letter R is a gray looking large capital I. That’s what I want to remove. Thanks again.

I think that gray “I” is a bookmark reference point that is only visible in the program. It shouldn’t actually print out. Here’s an official word on it:

As for your general question about compiling, my only advice is to sit down with the compile settings and a test document and start to change things, one at a time, until you get the output you want. Then save those compile settings so you can choose them for any future document you want to compile.