Exporting to DOCX Unusable [BUG LOGGED]

Exporting to DOCX prompts every now and then for confirmation – every several pages I need to hit OK in a small dialog.

I never managed to export everything – I had to delete the output directory and let the exporter crash, I had no way to cancel the export.

There is no progress bar or modal dialog - it appears as though exporting takes place in the background (save for the popping small dialogs).

Plus, the export to DOCX (the only one I tried so far) seems to take a long time.

I am using MS Word 2007.

Have you tried the compile option instead of the export?

Yes – the compile option works with DOCX. However, I was hoping to export everything into DOCX, format it, and reimport it as project items.

Ah yeah, I see. In 1.6, there’s no option to import .docx documents yet though it’s very high on the list to get done for either the next beta release or the official release.

I’m using v1.7 on Vista.

File->Export… ->Files… produces a blank word document if I select ‘docx’ from the options.

I’m currently using Beta 1.9 on my Windows 7 (64-bit with SP1) system.

I was able to export the entire Scrivener Help project to docx format; that feature neatly created folders and documents that match the originals, and I’m able to open each of those documents in Word (Office 10).

Unfortunately, back in Scrivener, the “Export Complete” message that appears in the Scrivener window is stuck in an endless loop. Clicking OK or the X to close the message box starts a game of “whack-a-mole.” The message disappears briefly, then pops back into view.

I’ve tried closing Word to ensure that it’s not causing a problem. No relief.

It looks like the only way to get back to work in Scrivener is to start the Windows Task Manager and kill the application.