exporting to ibookstre

we are getting following mesage from itunes

It seems that we found what might be causing the issue. Your EPUB

contains a file named “page-template.xpgt” that is not supported. Please
refer to the iBookstore Asset Guide 5.0 for more information. To address,
please remove this file as well as any references to it throughout, and
redeliver the book.
any help to coreect problem would be appreciated

This file is used by Adobe based reader products, and is necessary for proper display of the formatting in them. Unless you intend to only publish on the Apple store, it might be a good idea to keep one copy with the component file left in, and another with it removed for iBookstore. The file will be referenced from all of the XHTML files, as well as the content.op and contents.xhmlt file. So you’ll need to strip them out as well.

I’ve flagged the issue to bring it up with Keith once he gets back from holiday.

thank you fro the response, how do i get rid of the files so can post to apple

You can use Sigil to open up ePub files and modify their contents. The XPGT file will be located in the Styles section of Sigil’s sidebar and it can be removed from there. You’ll also need to, as mentioned, go through the XHTML files in the “Text” section of the sidebar, with code view or split view turned on in Sigil so you can examine the HTML header and remove the <link… line that mentions the xpgt file.

If you’d rather not use software, .epub files are just .zip files in disguise. Either unzip them on the command line, or change the file extension to “.zip” to get in there and modify it. Once you are done, package it back up into a Zip file and then change the extension to “.epub”.

Thank you thank you thank you. We have been trying since April of this year to get Apple to help us correct this problem, they never really gave us the clear answer you have. We made the corrections in Sigil and our books are being accepted by Apple. You have solved what has been a frustrating problem in record time, again thank you. p.s. my wife, the author, loves writing her novels and novellas using Scrivener!!

Excellent, glad to hear it was a relatively painless procedure. And like I say, I’ve made note of the problem as something to look in to so that you can more easily produce Apple happy e-books. If there is a good way of doing so, it makes sense to.