Exporting to MultiMarkdown? .md

Hi and good day,

Have been reading UG Ch.22 Using MultiMarkdown… but still -

how to export a file (Draft item - or all of them) to MultiMarkdown?

If Export > Files > Rich Text… / Web Page (.html) etc - - no MultiMarkdown.
or Export > OPML File ?

with best regards,
Omar K N
Stockholm, Sweden

There is no MultiMarkdown export feature, which is why aren’t finding much about it in the manual. :slight_smile: The closest you could get to that is plain-text export. Same as with everyone else though, for most Draft folder exporting, you really want the File/Compile… feature, not File/Export/Files…. The latter is more for backing up your work out of the project format, the former is for creating a single final document from your work in the Draft folder—and that is where all of the processing you read about in the MMD chapter comes into play.

If you don’t need a whole lot of complex markdown you can compile to fountain (which is a specific markup format for screenwriting) and then run regexes on the compiled file to convert to proper mmd (or whatever markup language you prefer).
I’ve recently started using this quite successfully as a workaround for the fact that direct mmd compile doesn’t read bold/italic.