Exporting to PDF results in format change

Hi, I’m new to Scrivener. I’m using it to write up a tabletop campaign, not a novel, including player aids. One of the things I’ve done is create a (pretty good, I think) form that I intend to export as a pdf so I can scribble on it in painting software and save again as a pdf or an image.

I’m only exporting a single page but when I do so, the format or page setup seems to change. Fonts and tables stay the same, but lines run over and it no longer fits on single page. I suspect it ignores the changes I made to the margins in the page setup, even though the exact same values show up in the Print Preview. Am I missing something? How do I export the page as a pdf and keep it looking exactly how it looks in the editor?

Update: it doesn’t appear to be the margins. I wonder if the font size is increasing on compile.

If you are using one of the built-in Formats in the left sidebar to compile with, then it is likely the font family and size is changing, as almost all of them do that. You can of course select the “as-is” stock Layout, but unless you have some other thing you need of the Format, it may be easiest to just start from the “Default” setup, at the very top of the sidebar, and go from there. Default settings will pass thru your formatting verbatim.

Yeah, that’s what I thought originally. But even when using the default setup, it looks different. What I’ve since noticed is that loading a previous snapshot will look the same as in the pdf, but adjusting that one and exporting to pdf, it still manages to look different.

Also, decrementing the font size overall before exporting gives me results closer to what I worked towards, but still off.

I’ve just decided that Scrivener is bad at making forms. I’ll export the text in Google Docs, adjust as required, and then export to pdf from there. Not ideal, but better than banging my head against this wall forever. Only problem (apart from having to redo the work) is that I won’t have access to my system fonts, but I can live with that.

It could be that what you are working off as the width in the main editor is different than the situation once that text is put into margins, and in a page. You have to bear in mind that the ruler there doesn’t have that information, so you’re working to constrain things to the width they will be in the end.

That said, I completely agree. I wouldn’t ever use Scrivener to design final layout or make forms like you’re trying. It’s just not that kind of program. It’ll be better for writing the text of campaigns, and organising all of the details and background information you need to do so, than producing all of the materials for it.