Exporting to RTF thank you!

I just wanted to give this feedback: I am uploading a short story to Smashwords and working carefully through the Smashwords guide. This was a story I wrote some time ago and so I typed it clean into Scrivener so that I could update and rewrite it at the same time.

I exported into RTF format and loaded it into Word, since Smashwords requires a word .doc for their formatting software. Then I turned on the “show hidden codes” option and worked on my paragraph styles.

And I have to compliment you on the cleanest Word document I’ve ever seen. There was not one single stray bit of formatting or munged weirdness at all. Which in Word is really saying something.

Now I haven’t put this story through the Meatgrinder so something may still go wrong. But just looking at the raw code in Word, it really is lovely.

Thank you for Scrivener. I really love this software.