Exporting to Word Table or Outline

Hi: Is there a straightforward way to export a Scapple Board to a Word Outline or Table? It looks like it might be possible through the .OPML export but I’m a little over my head there. Do I need to get an outline program as an intermediary step? I’m working on an fairly straightforward script organization in Scapple that essentially consists of just columns and rows for now (no connecting lines etc.) and I realize I’m going to eventually have to share it w/ some people via Word. Probably should just be working in a Word table, but Word is always my last resort. Ideas? Thanks.

There may be an OPML add-on for Word, but generally speaking yes, that is an outline format so you need an outliner to open it and do things with it. If you have nothing else, Scrivener is certainly qualified to open the OPML and then compile it as a Word file. :slight_smile: