Exporting to Word

I export my Scrivener file to Word for my editors to work with. I’ve used both .RTF and .docx file types for export. In both cases, the files when opened in Word 2010 have an indent outside the page dimensions, so the type scrolls off the page.

It is easy enough to fix this in Word by selecting all text and resetting the indents in the paragraph options. But I’d rather be able to export a file that’s useable without the fiddling.

Is there some option I’m missing or something I could do to make this work better?

Okay. It turns out that when I start a story in Scrivener, the right-hand margin is always very wide. So if I pull that margin in to 7.5 inches, then compile to .RTF, the file opens in Word with a correct right-hand margin.

So that’s okay, but it leaves me with a question. When I compile to an ebook format, does the left-hand margin setting matter? Will the text flow properly as an ebook, no matter what the margin settings are?