Exporting to Word

Only after updating yesterday, once I export to Word, I cannot print the document. It says the document doesn’t exist and i’ve never had that problem before. Could this be an issue with the new update?

Who is “it” that says the document doesn’t exist? Word?

When i try to resave it in Word it says it doesn’t exist (which might have just been a one-off problem).

When i print it after opening it in word (after exporting), the printer says it prints it, it doesn’t stay in the printer queue, but nothing prints. I can print other documents that I open in word, but I cant print anything I export from Scrivener and open in Word…

Check to verify that the your printer is what its supposed to be printing to and not say a fax or file. I just exported several different parts of one of my stories to .docx and opened it within word. I was also able to print it out with no problems.

At one time the default printer from several of my stories was arbitrarily changed to either a file or fax and I had to manual change it back, I can’t remember which.

That is just my suggestion.