exporting via RTFD

I am totally new to Scrivener; so if I should know the answer to this question, please consider my novice status. I need to be able to export Scrivener documents to either Nisus Writer Pro or (preferably) Mellel, both of which are supposed to be able to import any RTF file.
I ran a test from Scrivener today that has “footnotes”. I am still so new that I don’t really know the difference between what is called “footnotes” in Scrivener and what are called “inline footnotes”. So I can’t tell you which I am using. But they display in the note and comments pane to the right of the Editor. Well, when I imported these into NWP (and later also into Mellel), there was no hyperlink between the note reference in the body of the text and the note. Both NWP and Mellel use this feature, and I find it indispensable. The link obviously exists in Scrivener, because when the boxed and underlined word (the equivalent of a note reference) in the Editor is clicked on, the proper note text box in the pane to the right is highlighted. So is there no way to preserve this link when Scrivener exports to RTFD? Should I use some other Export Preference in order to preserve this? I don’t want to export a whole chapter full of footnotes and then have to manually create the links within NWP or Mellel.


The footnotes become “real” footnotes when exported for those formats that support footnotes. However, the RTFD format does not support footnotes at all, so the only way for footnotes to be included is if they are turned into regular text. For Nisus Writer Pro and Mellel, you should export from Scrivener to RTF format (Scrivener works well with both of these programs, and Nisus is my own word processor of choice). The RTFD format is more for use with TextEdit or Mac programs that don’t have very good RTF support. Most word processors (other than Pages) have very good RTF support though.

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