exporting weblinks as footnotes

I’m currently testing Scrivener. I found when compiling a document there are no options how weblinks are displayed, is there a way to configure how weblinks are compiled?

Unfortunately, no there isn’t a good standard way of doing this. The problem is that references in Scrivener can be much more than just links to the Web. They can also be links to files on your system, or documents within the Scrivener project itself. Especially for the latter, there is no external translation for these links, and while the URI standards can address file system links, they will of course break once you move the file to a new system (unless you are exceptionally prudent in keeping everything mirrored between systems).

I wouldn’t think it would be impossible to add links to compile exports under the meta-data checkbox, so maybe that ability will come along in the future, and the above problems will just have to be left up to the user to recognise that not all of the exported references will remain functional.