Exporting Word Frequency List

Is there a way to export or print part of the word frequency list?


Only if you expand the window and then use CMD SHIFT 4 to grab a screenshot/succession of screenshots which you can then print/combine into a single PDF.

The ability to export word frequency lists is mooted for a future update.


Does anyone know where to get a similar analysis in a format that can be exported to excel? I need analysis on 100k words, so the smaller online tools won’t work.

I’m not against paying for a solution, so please suggest paid apps that do this if you know of one.



This site has several tools that work alongside scrivener files directly. They can be of use to you for word frequency analysis and that sort of thing.

That’s really helpful. Thanks!

Also, in a future version, you’ll be able to select everything in the word frequency list and copy and paste it into Excel, Numbers or a text editor.

Thanks, Keith. That will be really helpful.

I do that sort of analysis in AntConc too. It does more than just word frequency lists. There are other concordance tools around but AntConc is readily available and has both Mac and Windows variants.


I was about to say that I’ve had troubles with AntConc on the Mac - it didn’t want to import the Lemma list. But I just tried it again and this time it worked fine. :question:

So… uh… nevermind, I guess.

But, yeah, I’ve been using AntConc for a while to do word frequencies, keywords, and NGrams. Works great.

In scriv I set up a compile preset using replacements to remove any words that I know I don’t care about. Compile to plain text, and load it into AntConc. You could also set up a stop words list in AntConc itself, but I just found it easier to do in Scriv.

Edit: Spoke too soon - AntConc is back to refusing to load the lemma list file for some reason.

Edit 2: looks like it’s not just the lemma list file, it’s also the preferences windows that don’t want to appear. Seems similar to a refresh bug under Mavericks that was “fixed” in AntConc 3.4.2, but it seems to be back again under Yosemite and AntConc 3.4.3. A work around for now seems to be a click on the Menu bar will get AntConc to refresh and show the window.

Those lined “AntConc” applications don’t work on my Mac running OS 10.13.6?