Exquisite dilemna! Need tech help ASAP. :-))

Fluff he’s at it again!

Relax, vic. It’s entirely cerebral. I have lost all feeling in the rest of myself, I am ultracybernetic now.



Don’t knock it, Jaysen. You were the one who pointed me down this path. :laughing:

I have now mastered not only the complicated procedure necessary to import individual Apple Mail folders from Tiger to Leopard BUT also solved the problem of the nonfunctioning Mail Alert, a LONG-STANDING Leopard bug. Consultations available for a modest fee.

Jaysen, you get the family discount. :wink:

WHAT!?! Family?

Does this mean I have to shovel Molly’s stall? I don’t like that.

Muck. The word is “muck.” And it’s a pitchfork, not a shovel.
Just think how thrilled the children will be when they hear she’s coming up for an extended vacation!
I suggest a good pair of gloves. Buckskin, preferably. You’d be surprised how soon the cheaper ones wear out.
Maybe you can train your eldest to push the wheelbarrow out to the manure pile for you.

Cheers. :smiley:


  1. Yeahh! Jeeezz!! I`ve heard it all now.

Ahh! Mes amis!
Are we not, how you say, offing off le topeek?

Le D :smiling_imp: