Extending the ruler

Hello, I recently upgraded to version 3 and I am trying to widen the ruler but can’t do it. In the previous version I have the ruler up to 15 inches but now it’s only up to 7 and about half of the page is blank. Searched extensively on how to change it but for no avail. Not sure how I did it in the previous version. Any help will be appreciated, thanks!

Do you mean how the editor keeps the text width to roughly what would print on a page, regardless of how wide the window is? If so, see Appendix E.10, scrolling down to pg. 722, in the user manual PDF. That whole appendix is a good one to keep handy while you are learning the ropes of the new version! I go over all of the remarkable changes that have come up over the years as frequently asked questions.

Thank you! Yes, I was referring to the editor and I know it fits an A4 paper size as a default. I will look at the appendix to learn about all the changes.

Yeah the settings we chose are not designed to precisely match A4 or US Letter, but they are more modeled after the number of words that you would typically see on a line in a printed book. For most people that amount of text is the optimum length for extended reading and editing. There are some settings for tweaking how this works—maybe you like the idea but our’s is too narrow for your taste or font size preference, for example.

I just wanted to say that I followed your instructions, and was able to change it. I am really a newbie so it took me awhile to find the appearance tab, but found it eventually!

I should probably throw a cross-reference in that appendix entry, so it isn’t so hard to find! Glad you got it sorted out though.

No, no, you did fine. I found the appendix alright. It was the Appearance function in the instruction that I did not know where to find, but eventually found it.