Extensive Edits Lost

I’ve been editing a story and as far as I can tell (I’m still re-editing) I’ve lost an entire week’s worth of edits. It’s not a total loss, but random edits when compared to the hard copy I marked up. I’m guessing it’s connected to my first attempt at saving as a different file name (which is now just an empty project). I’ve looked for past versions of the file (I back up to Microsoft OneDrive and there are none.

This is a platform I pay for and trust to save appropriately on its own. What happened? Why should I continue using Scrivener if I can’t trust it to save appropriately?

This doesn’t make any sense. If you backup to OneDrive, then there are backups on OneDrive, else you do not backup to OneDrive.


  1. Where do you save your files? Where is your project kept? Which local drive? - A normal answer might be in the Scrivener Projects folder in my documents folder.
  2. Where do you have Scrivener making backups automatically for you? Which local drive? How many do you keep? Are they zipped? - A normal answer might be: d:\Backups\Scrivener - I keep 15 previous versions.
  3. What backup program do you use to backup your files and/or backups to where? For example, I use Quick Backup to backup my files to Onedrive.
  4. How many previous versions of your backups do you keep? My backup program maintains 3 previous versions.